09 July 2011

Viking Ship Master

In Age of Blood, Warbands may try to recruit specialists such as a Godi, Skald, Shieldmaiden, Sorcerer etc.  One notable type of specialist missing from the rules, however, is the Shipmaster; the legendary Norse seaman who can smell the changes in the wind, feel the sea's currents in the hull and navigate a drakkar across the mighty Atlantic Ocean and return, laden with plunder.

To fill this gap, we have developed a Shipmaster character one can buy for their warband.  He may accompany the hersir and his men on their adventures ashore, or be left behind to mind the ship, attending to small repair and maintenance task while awaiting the Hersir's return.

Shipmaster, Level 3 Champion
Available on 7+ (6+ in Iceland, Greenland and Norway, 8+in Frankia and Spanland)
Cost: 50sp

Stats: Agility 3, Bravery 4, Deftness 1, Fortitude 3, Proficiency 3, Strength 3, Valour 0

Skills: Shipmaster, Navigation, Sea Legs
Equipment: Leather Jerkin (lighter than chain with no Ag penalty), Helmet, Shield, Sword and Saex

Comments welcome!


  1. Sounds good, what rules set is this ? or is it one of your home brew sets ?

  2. Age of Blood is a free set of rules you can find here:

  3. Sounds a like a good character addition to the rules, now all you need is a ship

  4. I don't know too much about Age of Blood rules, but it sounds like a very good idea.

  5. Good idea, I will include. Did you mean 8+ in Franker Riket and Spanland? That is what I'll assume. I also wonder do special characters have upkeep costs? There appears to be no mention of it in the rules.

  6. Dan - see my latest post on Warband progress- aaarrggghh!

    Sean - I agree it is missing from the rules - I've tried to contact th author with no luck. Instead I'm using the same upkeep costs as a Cham[pion of the same level ie Shiedlmaiden is a level 3 Hero, so she will cost 8 silver (6 base cost plus 2 for the extra two levels)