13 July 2011

Blood Bowl: Lad's First Steps

The Viking game went ahead as scheduled yesterday - not quite as planned but a BatRep is in progress, stay tuned!

In the meantime, it boded well for a good "Gamer Dad" day when the Lad rang me this morning at work, telling me he was still in bed reading his Blood Bowl rules, and wanting to debate the merits of a forward 7-3-1 deployment posture for an offensive drive!  So we broke out the BB when I got home and we had our first ever game - him as Orcs (playing Comrade James's generously loaned team) against me and my veteran Skaven figs.  And what a hoot we had!

Skaven vs Orcs: Now THIS looks familiar...
Yep, thats how I remember it! The Seriously Injured Skaven was Fouled

The Lad shows a natural flair for Da Cage

..and reaps the rewards with his first ever TD!  The Crowd goes Wild!!!

The Lad on Defence: 'Eat Ratsack' says he!
"But watch out for my Rat cunning" says I, and score the equaliser (Note the 'pile of skulls, TD marker)
So it was a 1 a piece first half before the game was called for time.  A very instructive game which started off as a tutorial but got darned serious pretty quickly (and the Lad also showed a propensity for the Foul as well).  Still a way to go but he shows some serious potential.  Good times and special moments - made all the better for using his Godfather's figures :-D

In the meantime his first BB team has been commissioned and my good mate Ken (who did all the Vikings) is now busy with the Orcs from the boxed set.


  1. Nice to get the kids involved and happy playing it aswell.

  2. cool, looks like you two had great fun!
    i have not played BB for years. now if my girls grow up to be gamers i would be a very proud dad

  3. this is great to see, soon he will be a NAF veteran :)

  4. Brought back memories, got my nephews involved and they loved it.

  5. Looks good fun! Anybody try the video game version?

  6. BloodBowl with the kids has a magic all it's own.
    Played my first game against the seven year old a month or two back, you've inspired me to dig out the figs and give it another go!

  7. Outstanding mate, great to see the Orcs in action again after a long hiatus :) Especially liked my post-touchdown update the Lad gave me over the phone straight after the event as well :)
    Good luck tonight to you both, may the best/dirtiest player win!

  8. BB teams are as much fun to put together as they are to game with.

    I've played the computer (PC) version - it's exactly like the boardgame, although you can't shake the feeling that the computer cheats with the die-rolls...

  9. Well done. I've not managed to pull this one out with my son yet. Maybe someday!

    As for video game version, I have the DS version reviewed here: http://weeblokes.blogspot.com/2010/04/bloodbowl-for-nintendo-ds-gamers-view.html

    (shameless blog link!)

  10. So jealous, I have 2 girls who don't even want to entertain the thought of the game!