24 July 2011

Blood Bowl: The Lad Triumphs!

Yep, he beat me fair and square 2 to 1.  It all started going wrong for me in the first couple of turns when my casualty box looked like this:

Later it looked like this and even my apothecary couldn't save me:
My line up was a joke and it was all down hill from there:

At the end of the day I had 5 casualties plus more than a few KOed.  It was a well deserved win indeed, and its a bitter sweet proud gamer Dad moment! :-)


  1. Kudos for getting a match in with the young'un.

    I know of so many similar stories; kids (mere kids!) beating experienced players, non-gamer wives thoroughly trouncing their opponents, in-laws over for the holidays winning tournaments...

    To be fair, you were playing Orcs with a Skaven team. ;)

  2. That's a good victory face,well done the boy.

  3. Nice one Paul. It's not about the wining.......
    I get beaten all the time.