18 December 2010

2010 Reflections

The Christmas ground-rush is again in progress.  Last year I did a bit of review of what I'd done, so what has the Man Cave achieved this year?  Firstly I guess it got picked up and moved 800kms south at the start of the year (and inevitably some things remain in boxes) but what else?

I attended and hosted more gaming events than I ever have this year.  Went to Arcanancon with Owen in Jan, played some games at Little Wars later in the year, attended the NWA Open Day, and caught up with Comrade James for some gaming in Sydney.

The Man Cave hosted gaming events this year too, including HULKEX and GameFest.  So no regular weekly gaming as I'd hoped (darn that work thing) but a big step up which was great, and reconnecting with old buddies has been fantastic.  The social gaming aspect has definitely been my favourite part of the year.

Probably my biggest modelling success this year has been my foray into WWW2 with my German Army.  Still lots to go but I really concentrated on making this a unique and well painted (well for me anyway) force - more to come with these guys.

Bought an PanO force for Infinity but despite my desire to get them into action I simply haven't had a a chance to get to them yet - darn it.  Same same for my Vikings, but the first have been assembled and I'll be doing a small force over the Christmas break to go raiding with!

As usual I bought some rulebooks but haven't done much with them...

Game wise I have bought a few different things this year, like Spearpoint 43 and Death Watch.  Playing DW over Skype with James was probably the most innovative thing I've done this year and I think it has some real potential for the future.  Most amusing purchase for the year:  Toe-to-Toe Nu’klr Combat with the Rooskies

All the stuff I bought this year is detailed here

Managed to stay both married and employed - don't take this for granted! 

I wrote a scenario book for the game Aeronef and had it published by Wessex Games.

I won a Gretel Von X figure (the first gaming prize I've ever won!)

This year this Blog has really grown in content and audience.  The frequent eye-candy and game reports by Comrade James have been fantastic and really added variety to my ramblings, thanks mate.  Overall, a few more posts than last year and in excess of 28k visitors - thank you all!

Finally, Man Cave Brewery has produced over 400 litres of beer this year!   Sadly though, there is some sort of evaporative problem with my bottles as I only have about 200 full bottles left...

So overall I have to say that was a pretty good year across a range of areas, and as usual it went to lots of different places I didn't expect.

Whats in store for 2011?  Frankly, I'm giving up try to guess as its never accurate anyway! (Apart from a scheduled relocation again at the end of 2011) I'll just assume it will be like every other year with many twists, turns and purchases with an overall aim of having FUN :-)

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