26 December 2010

Hetzer WIP 2

Now that everyone has departed (and I'm sitting here eating fantastic leftover sandwiches) I can progress my Hetzer!
Here is the next set of WIPs with some weathering and rust effects - going for the "used but functional" look.  The special addition on the top deck is an anti-infantry 'soundkannone' with a rubberised vibration cone - based on an experimental weapon (game-wise it also stands in as an improved sight or IR system).

I also just discovered that my decal box got damp at some point so I now need to replace my decals  :-(  Apart from that (and the Tank Crew figure in progress) this vehicle is pretty much done I think.

Comments welcome as always!


  1. And it looks so much better with a bit of weathering doesn't it? :-)

  2. Always does! A few decals and some foliage will really complete it I think. Then its time to get onto finishing the Stummel!

  3. beautiful hetzer! one of my all time favorite tank hunters. great job.