23 December 2010

Hetzer WIP

No new eye-candy for my WWW2 Germans for awhile - trying to fix that by finishing my long WIP Hetzer.

I am making an IR/improved sight being to go on the top deck above the gun, and ditched my initial idea to make track skirts and a heavy missile launcher (the missile I had will make a much better SAM launcher!)

Got the basic cam job done now, awaiting weathering and some detailing.  I tried to do something a little different than classic Ambush scheme cam to reflect the later time period, but fear I may have gone a bit far and it doesnt seem very German anymore (though I used a West German style as its basis) - I think it needs something more before I start the weathering process.  I did try some ambush style dots in the brown waves but it looked more like Australian Aboriginal artwork than camo!

Any ideas?  Thanks!


  1. I'm sure this is a camo pattern I've sen in Panzer Colors or something similar so I wouldn't worry about it. Stick a number and couple of cross on it, bit of weathering and Bob's your uncle...

    Possibly paint "Berlin bleibt deutsch" as a slogan on the side...

  2. Through a bunch of storage and equipment on it - including some German Helmets and perhaps a spare mg 42. I agree with Steve that a german decal or two will go a long way to making it "feel" more german.

    Nice job - is that the Warlord Hetzer?

  3. Decals, gubbins and weathering it is then! Thanks Gents.

    Miles - this Hetzer is by Bolt Action Miniatures: