06 December 2010

Game 4- Finally, a win!

Been a while, but finally got another game of Bloodbowl in for our 5 match competition. This time, my Coromandel Nightmares Dark Elf team faced off against a Human team which included an Ogre ,2 catchers, 2 blitzers and a thrower, as well as the ubiqtious linemen. I lost the toss, and my opponent elected to receive.After working his way up the field in a cage for 5 turns, I finally gave him the break he needed, and underestimated how fast a catcher can run...a snappy hand off and the catcher was able to sprint down an alley 2 squares wide that I failed to spot, and needing only a single Go For It sprinted in for a touchdown...1-zip Humans... Dark Elf pride was salved quickly however, as in the dying turns of the first half my witch elf launched a Long Bomb pass from within her own half to a blitzer standing near the end zone, and with her Leader re-roll was able to make it a perfect pass...the agile Blitzer caught it easily and ran it in for the Nightmares first TD...1-all, halftime... I received first in the second half, and was gratified to see the Nightmare's fans in the stands respond to the touchdown by throwing a rock at the Humans, knocking out a blitzer lined up for the kick off..with only 10 men/ogres, the humans were hard pressed to stop another DE drive, and this time 2 Blitzers got to the endzone, and after being tackled just before scoring, managed to regain the ball and run it in for TD 2...2-1 Dark Elves...

My kick off to the humans miraculously landed the ball in their endzone, forcing their thrower to run all the way back to pick it up..mean while he began his now familiar one sided drive with 2 blitzers and 2 catchers...I thought a bit of warfare strategy was needed here, and so refused the flank...I let his 4 drive halfway into my half and bottled them up with some linemen, my assassin and a blitzer..meanwhile I broke my Witch elf and another blitzer through his scrimmage line into his half on the other flank to put pressure on his thrower...sadly for him, his attempts to dodge out of the tackle zones of my linemen on the line of scrimmage meant he couldn't get enough guys back to stop the WE, who was able to tackle and regain the ball from the human thrower and run it in for touchdown 3....3-1 DE....

The remaining turns were spent trying to injure each other (in true Bloodbowl style) as casualties are used as tie breakers in the tournament...In the end, a 3-1 victory, and I could count 3 casualties caused against none for the Humans..

SO, last game is tomorrow night, against my arch enemy, the SKaven...to get into the grand final against the Orcs I must beat the Skaven (who are as yet undefeated) and they must also lose against the same Human team...anything could happen :))


  1. BRAVO!!! The crowd goes wild :-)

    Good luck tonight mate - you've done enough exhibition matches against the rats to have a real fighting chance!

  2. Well done. I'm just getting into Blood Bowl but i'm being humilated by a PC game before i show my face at the local club.