12 June 2010

Gamefest 2010

You may vaguely recall that Comrade James and I had a games night in Sydney last year in which he whipped me 2-1 (http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2009/06/games-night.html). Last week we had a repeat session (again in Sydney), this time including four games over two nights. Here's how it unfolded: Game 1 - Uncharted Seas James played Elves while I took a Human Fleet in out first ever game. I suffered from some tricky wind changes, aided by some Elven magic, but I managed to keep my fleet concentrated and pouring out heavy fire. Screening is a very effective tactic and allowed my cruisers to fare very well, taking two prizes, then the opening salvo of the Battleship duel inflicted a critical against Jame's Battleship and it exploded HMS HOOD style! A decisive victory to me, whilst listening to the Pirate heavy metal band "Alestorm"! Game 2 - Combat Commander: Pacific[Girly edition pictured!] Its been ages since I played a hex and counter game and I really enjoyed this one by GMT. Very reminiscent of ASL, but with a fast playing card mechanic which worked well. We played a scenario where my Japanese convoy was ambushed by Jame's Gurkha's. On highlight was me infiltrating a Japanese infantry squad into Jame's rear lines an rushing into close combat with the enemy mortar teams only to have the Gurkha's smash their mortar tubes over the heads of my lads and defeat them! Didn't get to finish, but James was probably ahead when we stopped for the night. Game 3 - Wings of War: Fire from the Sky Played a scenario where I took a pair of USAAF escorts defending against an axis dive bomber raid and escort. The axis were defeated beneath my cannon fire - huzzah! Game 4 - Down in Flames In this late war aerial duel, James took a pair of "Franks" while I had a couple of Corsairs. Playing twice resulting in 4 dead Corsairs, and only 2 crumpled Japs. Well done comrade!

Overall 2 wins each, so much better than my drubbing from last year, and of course great fun to boot! Trying out Uncharted seas and Combat Commander were particular highlights. Thanks for the fun Comrade!


  1. Right back at you Comrade! Great to carry on another traditional gamesfest, and you certainly mastered the Uncharted Seas....oh, and it was a pair of 'Franks' that I took against the Corsairs....love that Agility rule!

  2. Until next time my friend!