26 June 2010

A Big Day in the Brewery

Lots of beer activities today. First up, I bottled my Irish Cream ale:

...then I set off my next Brew, another full-body malt beer (I liked the last one so much that its all gone!)
...and now I'm off down the road to show a buddy how to do his first home brew.  More goodies to sample in due course :-) In the mean time, here is an inspirational project everyone can join in on!

30 English Ales You Must Have Before You Die:

Back to painting tommorrow!


  1. 30 ales to try and Newckie Brown is number one?!! Yuckkk is all I can say... way too sweet and sickly..

    Having looked at the list it's definitely been compiled by a man who likes his stouts... no argument with the White Shield, but 6X is way past it's glory days, Mackeson is only drunk by little old ladies (my great gran had a bottle a day and died at 99, bless her..), modern Bombardier is execrable and also past its glory days, and the number 16 beer was brewed by a brewery that doesn't exist any more....

    Not a good list, but it does prompt me to put mine together!

  2. I agree - he is definately a dark ale man. I am too in the winter months, but in summer its lagers and pilseners for me.

    Looking forward to seeing your recommendations Steve!