13 June 2010

New Brutal Gladiators

The guys at Dark Art Miniatures have released the next three true Human Gladiators for "Brutal".

First up, the ultra-heavy "Breaker" class:

Armed with a huge two handed weapon, Breakers are by far the most heavily armoured and damage giving fighters in the arena. Breakers wear jury-rigged mechanical suits adapted from the old age. Servo-motors, pistons and energy packs allow these power suits to give out vast amounts of damage. With every strike of a Breakers two-handed weapon that hits an opponent causes the foe to be knocked down or knocked back regardles of their size.

Then there is the long range "Piercer" class:

Piercers use the longer range of their pole-arms to keep opponents at bay. These lightly armoured fighters can easily out-manoeuvre a more heavily armoured foe. They are also trained in the use of small 1 handed weapon’s that are used in hand to hand combat should the enemy get too close! http://www.darkartstore.darkartminiatures.com/products.php?product=True-Human%3A--Piercer

And finally, the quick and agile "Stinger" class:

Stingers are the skirmish fighters of Brutal. They are lightly armoured allowing them to out manoeuvre the heavier armoured opponents and they use death blades to get around the arena more quickly. They take advantage of the use of throwing weapons such as javelins and hand axes and use a small shield for defence. They are skilled at ‘hit and run’ attacks allowing them to evade many attacks whilst still attacking back. http://www.darkartstore.darkartminiatures.com/products.php?product=True-Human%3A--Stinger

I'd already promised myself I'd paint up the four I already have before I got any more though....

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