16 June 2010

World War Z

Just finished reading this novel by Max Brooks and really, really enjoyed it! Its done as a series of short journalist interviews with survivors of a world spanning Zombie apocalypse which almost wipes out humanity.

A great read with lots of subtle political and social commentary.
Highly recommended!



  1. Excellent insipration for games!! Where did you get your copy? Can't find it at Minatour...

  2. I can also recommend the Audio Book of this, it has some great other stuff and pretty good voice acting.

    I agree though the book is good.

    If you are in brisbane you can probably pick up a copy at Borders in the city or Ace Comics and Games.

  3. Oh yeah, the audio book is kewl - there are some free sample chapters available through iTunes too.

    Owen - you can borrow mine mate!

  4. Scenario wise, the Battle of Yonkers really fires the imagination. A high tech combined-arms US force gets defeated by a shambling horde! I wont leak how though...