14 June 2010

German Snipers

Just finished up a pair of SOTR German Snipers by West Wind:
Number Eins - crouching in Autumn Oakleaf camo pattern poncho (over a summer pattern uniform) Number Drei - standing in summer oak leaf pattern. I added some extra cam bits to the poncho, which tuned out pretty well without over-doing it I think


  1. Nice work man.

    having spent some time with camo recently myself I can attest to the difficulty of pulling this stuff off

    I've got to ask though,

    what happened to zwie?

  2. What sniper? Nice piece of forest terrain though....

  3. I once painted up a 6mm command vehicle with awesome cam, including ttache foliage etc. I completely 'lost' it on the table and it got waxed because I hadnt moved it for four turns! After that I attached a large aerial with a bright orange flag :-)

  4. Karitas- you didn't see him under the bush? :-)