24 June 2009

Games Night

To celebrate the anniversary of OPERATION BARBAROSSA, Comrade James and I had a best of three games night this week!

Game 1: Down in Flames WW1 (Dan Verssen Games)

A flight of three SE5s (the Comrade's favourite crate) vs a trio of Pfalz DIIIs, Thought the VP costs were the same, it soon became evident that these aircraft were not an equal match. After I disgraced the Boche Air Corps by being all shot down for the price of a little bit of holed British canvas, we swapped sides and replatyed. The Comrade spashed one of my kites before all his were sent spinning down to earth. 4 kills overall to the Comrade, 3 to me. Game 1 Victory to James

(sidenote - at this point we adjourned for dinner and consumed quantities of red wine.
I blame any failure after this point on the deamons of alcohol vice any lack of skill.)

Game 2: Axis and Allies War at Sea (Wizards of the Coast)

A new aquisition, this was a first for both of us, matching up the miniatures that came in the starter set. The Allied Heavy Cruiser proved to be more than a match for the Axis fleet and only a flgiht of Japanese Zeros survived the onslaught. Game 2 Victory to James.

Game 3: Wings of War WW2 Despite being this game being a dead rubber, I was determined to at least not get the Comrade get away with a clean sweep. I took up a pair of Spits up against a pair of Me 109s in a classic Battle of Britain duel. Imagine my horror when the Huns wounded both my pilots on the first pass! An uphill battle followed as we traded kills and the last pair snapped angry bursts at one another. With a damaged engine trailing smoke and loosing more blood with every turn, my suviving Spitfire pilot was eventually the victor and got home in time for tea and medals - Huzzah. Game 3 to me!

With 2 games to 1, the evening was therefore decided in Comrade James'e favour - Good show old boy!

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  1. CHeers mate, makes a pleasant change to win one of our tourneys!! :) Great fun :)