16 June 2009

ATZ Deal

Now this is tempting eh Oberst Owen?
Rebel Minis and Two Hour Wargames are proud to announce our newest 15mm ATZ box set. The All Things Zombie: Haven Box Set contains:
20 Mixed Civilians and Rioters
12 Special Forces
4 Gangbangers
5 Armed Civilians
4 Paramilitary/Contractors
These miniatures are 15mm, and are supplied unpainted!

...and that's not all! When you buy the box set, you also get a free scenario (Hostage Rescue) download that is part of the campaign!

The SRP on the box set is $24.95 USD.

It can be found here.
NOTE: You must have ATZ: Haven to play the scenario.
You can get the All Things Zombie game and the Haven supplement at the Two Hour Wargames site here.
For more info, check out rebelminis.com.

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