28 June 2009

AT-trition Day 2 : Red Blok encounter the Therions

The primary advance corridor rebuffed by the adjacent UNA, the Red Blok Commanders rerouted their recon teams into the Therion Dyson sphere, searching for the enemy. It didn't take long to find them.
The Red Blok cautiously advanced into the close confines of the enemy corridors and met a mixed Theriod force at a critical juncture (Search and Destroy - Mission 2). A full strength Grim Golem squad backed-up by four Assault Medusa and led by the infamous Babylon Zero in Golgoth form. The Revolutionaries had learned their previous lesson well, however, and advanced carefully under overlapping fields of fire, though the Therions were content to wait and allow the enemy to come to them...
Predictably, the lady in Red was first to strike, leaping out and blasting the sole Red Block recon strider, though miraculously it didn't fall immediately. Taking advantage of the situation, a brave squad of soldati lept around the corner and took the Assault Medusas under fire, and though they were knocked down under the grenade salvos, their armour proved difficult to penetrate.
Under the cover of this din, the Golems adjusted their position and flamed a squad of Kommandoes into nothingness. Revolutionary fury overcome a second squad who rushed in to avenge their comrades but were similarly dispatched by the inhuman and merciless enemy. Things were looking grim for the Heroes of the Revolution and the crashing destruction of their strider further reinforced their apparent doom.
Such an end was inconceivable to Comrade Sgt Boris however! With indignant Fury he led his squad down the throat of the enemy firelane and he and his men dispatched all the Golems, leaving only the Overseer controlling them. Pausing briefly to chant a patriot slogan, they dispatched the enemy figure with righteous hatred and fury.
Unfortunately, Sgt Boris's comrades were having rather less luck at the other end of the corridor section. Half their number were crushed beneath the bulk of Babylon Zero as she trampled them and then the Medusas smashed into them, electrolashes ripping out their entrails without pity or remorse.
With only static answering his desperate hails on the comm system, Sgt Boris fell his squad back collecting the Strider pilot as he went. The Therions controlled this area and the High Command would have to find another way in after all.
Mission Result: Therion Victory
Modelling Postscript:
From the above pics, some of you will be wondering what the red "ball" in the Grim Golem Overseer's hand is. Its a grisly trophy collected from a Red Block soldier unfortunate enough to get too close to his reaper blades! Its the first but of using the pitiful remains of the WarPuppy's chewing frenzy during Game 1. Head was wedged into the blades and glued, with some appropriate blood splatter effects added - here is a close-up (sorry its a touch blurry, but you get the idea)

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  1. Sensational batrep mate, love the narrative style...the WarPuppy has been designated Enemy of The Revolution No.1.......