A dozen figs for a new, secret Blood Bowl team project...
Rules - none...yet!
Games - ditto
Terrain - ditto    
Misc - ditto

28mm Dark Ages
    Lots more Vikings and Saxons (90% painted)
    Dark Age Civilians (painted)
Blood Bowl
    Chaos Team with Minotaur (painted)
    Vampire Team (panted, but they came that way)
    Another Vampire player (painted)
    7 Dwarves
    Morg n' Thorg Ogre Star Player (painted, also came that way)
    Black Scorpian Orc team with Troll (painted)
    Undead Team (came painted, needs some touch-ups)
    Necromantic Team
28mm Secrets of the Third Reich/Incursion: German
    Ilsa von X
    Mech Grenadier Command
    4 female Commisar/She-Wolf style figs
    APE starter box
iDaleks: 34 of the buggers (present from Steve B - thanks mate!)
A DUST Tactics Luthar Walker for my SOTR force (pre-painted!)

Platoon Forward (Too Fat Lardies)
Red Sand, Blue Sky (2 Hour Wargames)
Hail Caesar! (Warlord games)
Incursion: SNAFU expansion
Panzer Marsch!

Death Angel: Mission Pack 1
Death Angel: Space Marine Pack 1
Poo! (fun family style Card Game)

Well Set (Architects of War) (painted!)
Pit Roasting Set (Architects of War) (painted!)
2 sets of Battlefield Miniature Trees and resin bases (painted!)
CnC Village Church - (Painted)
CnC Holy Relic - (Painted)
Cthulhu statuettes
Resin Longboat and trading Knarr (GB)
GB resin buildings and DA village bits (Painted!)
Resin palisades sections (painted)

The obligatory replacement brushes and paints
About 10 packs of GF9 magnetised square bases for my Vikings and Saxons
3 Battlefoam figure trays (for our BB minis)
More Dice!

Brutal starter set
1/600 Battle of Britain planes
28mm SOTR: German
    3 Squads Mech-Grenadiers, (1 painted)
    Sniper team (painted),
    LMG team (painted),
    Mechbusch team,
    Panzerschreck team
    HMG team
    3 Werewolves (painted),
    Vampyr (painted),
    Zombie Horde (20 Zeds),
    Stummel SP Gun (painted),
    Hetzer Tank Hunter (half painted).
Infinity: PanOceania
    ORC with Multi Rifle,
    Akali with Combi Rifle,
    Nisses with Combi Rifle,
    Kamau with Combi Rifle and Light GL,
    Bagh Mari with HMG, Bagh Mari with Combi Rifle
28mm Dark Ages: 10 Viking Huscarls, 18 Saxon thegns and fjord

Firestorm Armada
Uncharted Seas 2nd Ed
Bag the Hun 2, and 2 Supps
Secrets of the Third Reich & Doomsday exp
Infinity (2nd Ed) and Human Sphere expansion
Victory By Any Means!- Campaign Rules, Advanced Rules, Menagerie, Fire as She Bears

Spearpoint: 1943
Death Angel: the Space Hulk Card game
Toe to Toe Nuk'lr Combat with the Rooskies!
Nemo's War (and expansion)

Battlefield Accessories-2 story ruin (painted)
Battlefield Accessories- generic ruin (painted)
Resin wall sections (painted)
"Battlefield in a Box"-corner ruin,ruined walls (pre-painted!)
4 JR Minis terrain buildings
Some Viking bits & bobs

GF9 Explosion markers
CnC Workshop Tool Rack
Itty-bitty teeny-tiny magnets
Resin boxes
Incursion resin terrain pack
Paint pots!

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