26 February 2014

Casualties Bonus round

These 15mm figs were my entry for last week's Casualty bonus round in the Painting Challenge.  They are for use with the Battlegroup Kursk rules, which include provision for all sorts of great support troops from line laying communications vehicles to field hospitals.  I made a medic/stretcher bearer unit for both my Russian and German forces, having which makes the Army more resilient as the lads know they'll be looked after if they get hit. 

The German medic cradling the casualty is by Peter Pig.  Its a fantastic sculpt and I just had to buy a pack of these from Mick's Metal Models when I saw them at CanCon in January.   The Russian stretcher party are from the Skytrex WW2 Command decision range.

So with three weeks to go I have a few more entries up my sleeve.  Accordingly, I've upped my points target to 800pts!  Not enough to catch the Dux of course, but a very respectable total I think.


  1. Very well done. I'm having a blast participating in this year's challenge

  2. Both great entries and really impressive sculpts, difficult to believe that they were 15mm.

  3. They are just great, lovely cameos.

  4. Very nice figs. 800...that's a fine goal indeed.

  5. Wonderful work! Very well done!