17 February 2014

Mega Bolt Action Game: German AAR Part 1

 The German Forward Observer sights the British command group, clearly planning their next move....

If you missed the first part of this Battle report have a look here

From Leuntant James:

The war started for the gallant Fallschirmjaeger and 21st Panzer Division stationed east of Caen with a preliminary bombardment from British artillery...the few Germans stationed in the forward outposts received some near misses, with one unfortunate squad of Fallschirmjaeger suffering a direct hit whilst sheltering in the ruins of the gardener's hut in the grounds of the Manor.

As the smoke cleared, the German defenders called forward their reinforcements, but not before the British snipers began to take their toll.

The FO and two Sniper team are themselves sniped before able to do a thing. The Light mortar team loses the loader to a third British sniper, again before firing a shot. The Regular infantry squad forward deployed in the ruined cathedral immediately took overwatch positions along the length of the ruined church wall, looking for advancing Tommies, their medic and bodyguards setting up behind them.

The German troops watch anxiously for any sign of advancing British soldiers

The Fallschirmjaeger suffered pins from the bombardment to all their deployed units, including the 105mm howitzer and 120mm heavy mortar deployed on the hill overlooking the manor grounds. Fortunately the centre troops were spared the worst of the bombardment, and these began to inch forward to the ruined house.

The Fallschirmjaeger arty and heavy mortar remained pinned for most of the game, thanks to the prelim bombardment

The Englanders began to bring their artillery up onto the hill across the stream from the Manor, and astute Germanic soldiers detected the tell tale glint off binoculars from potentially up to three British artillery observers deploying across the stream..only two squads of troops could be seen by the German defenders lurking in the treeline across the stream, and given reports of further British forces moving up the Germans spread their forces across the entire town, not yet convinced of where the main enemy thrust may strike.

Tommies lurking in the treeline....

 The first Brit paras begin advancing through the orchard on the German right flank....

Was is das ?? MORE Englanders!!

The first sign of trouble on the right flank- a Tetrarch light tank attached to the Brit Paras attempts to cross the stream...and is duly dealt with by the arriving Tiger 1

 The German reinforcements arrive to bolster the Cathedral ruins as the first squad begin to suffer casualties from British fire

 Achtung! Churchill! The first real sign that a dedicated British push towards the German right flank was underway

Stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. Great report and such a great looking game. looking forward to part 2 too!!

  2. Excellent report!! looking forward to p2

  3. Looks like great fun. Did you modify the game any for 3 vs 3?

    1. Just the way in which we had a priorities for order resolution. I detailed it in the prelude post here:


      Otherwise, all as is

  4. Nice report so far. Looking for part 2

  5. Very nice - love the terrain and minis in particular ;)

  6. Great stuff, love the tin hat, suits you sir! ;-)