09 February 2014

Painting Comp Progress - 40 days to go!

Hard to believe how quickly time is flying through with this competition- just 40 days to go now, and the last fortnight has seen some significant action in the Man Cave duel. I submitted my Brit Paras as my major work for the challenge, boosting my net rate of effort and as a result meeting and passing the 500 point challenge target we set ourselves.  However, the Dux juggernaught has continued his most impressive productivity with more Huns, Arthurians and 15mm WW2 goodness and set himself a new goal of 1250 points!  With the darn work thing getting in the way he will be tough to catch now.  In the meantime, James has some action going on the background and has a plan to meet his 500 point target in time.

I've updated the page with all our entries here:


  1. good to see this mini side challenge

  2. Great progress, but the Dux is motoring a bit!

  3. Its been very motivating in a friendly rivalry kind of way. I'm really glad I accepted Dux's challenge to be a part of it!
    Except of course that he set us up so he could win... so standby for the inevitable boast posts and well earned they will be too :-)

  4. Thanks Paul for the kind words. Yes indeed, I am certainly one to gloat. Just sent another 90 points worth off to Curt as we speak.

  5. Most impressive you overachieving sod!