01 March 2014

More Red Devils!

Here are some more WW2 British Paratroopers for my Red Devils army that I have been building over the last few months. They are a combination of Warlord and Crusader metal figures and were painted up as part of the Analogue Painting Challenge.
The second PIAT team adds redundancy to the platoon's anti-armour capabilities.  The PIAT isn't that good an anti tank weapon, but its handy to keep the lighter and recon stuff at arms reach.  Having only one team makes it a bit vulnerable, so the extra team should help build a crossfire too.

A fourth Infantry section provides an additional support element to my core three section platoon.  An additional section is a support option in Chain of Command and an extra nine Elite infantrymen are always welcome!

Here is their entry on the Painting Challenge page:

Colours used are: Undercoat in white
Denizen Jacket - Khaki
Trousers - English uniform
Gaters, helmets, wrist bands, scarves - dark US green
Rifle woodwork - brown
Berets- GW Khorne red (scab red)
Flesh - GW bronzed flesh 

Jacket camo pattern: US dark green, Brown GW XV-88, German camo brown

Heavy GW Agrax Earthshade wash all over
Finish with a Khaki highlight on the webbing and gaiters


  1. Those guys look great, especially on the natural surface!

  2. Splendid figures and pictures!

  3. I just received some Bolt Action Americans from a mate... this has me even itchier to get them started... great job!

  4. Look great mate, really shows the effort you put into these guys.

  5. Looking very good !

    Best regards Michael

  6. Well done, they look like they mean business!