16 February 2014

Mega Bolt Action Game: British AAR Part 1

Before I get deep into the action, I just wanted to say what a cool game this was even before it began and my excitement level was high. The week prior James had emailed out a spectacular scenario briefing pack with maps and piccies, followed later by a terrain guide.  Then the British Commander had sent us his battle concept and deception plan.  It was like going to a private tournament!

The other five players, gentlemen gamers all, were Bolt Action veterans and helped me through the myriad of rolls and modifiers and the action flew thick and fast.  To ensure you get the most eye candy for your bandwidth I will break this AAR into sections. (If you've just joined this thread of posts and have no idea what I'm talking about, have a look here, here, here and even here!)
The battlefield in all of its 9 x 4 glory!
And so to period music flowing out of Comrade's James's iPad, including Marlene Dietrich, Panzer marching songs and theme music from A Bridge Too far and Band of Brothers, the battle began!

The Germans (on the left of the above pic of the battlefield) deployed half their force (notably and sensibly not the Tiger I though), then the British Snipers and Forward Observers were positioned and a preparatory pre-game bombardment rolled in.  This generated a few pins on most German units and conveniently eliminated a pesky sniper team holed up in a ruined building in the middle of the board.
This well positioned Jerry sniper team had the dubious honour of being first to die!
The right flank around the Manor House
A British FO ranges in the guns, apparently to the German Commander's consternation!
First activation went to the Allies and a sniper duel ensued which saw another German sharpshooter team eliminated.  With 2 German order dice gone already, it was looking like a good start for Her Majesty's Forces.  Meanwhile, a range of British units deployed onto the board on the right flank to make a show of force against the Manor house and hopefully draw some German units to this side of the board.
Corporal "Tommy" Aikens leads his section onto the table: my first lads to be used!
My Medium Mortar deploys behind a forest and starts to range in on the German positions.  Further on the right the big guns deploy
Further on the right the big guns deploy
So the game was afoot, but would the Germans be drawn sufficiently and weaken their other flank?  We held off the arty and air support, waiting for some kind of indication.  Where would the Tiger be committed?
Long range incoming German fire was generally ineffective this turn.

Next turn we dabbled with a few units going in on the left, perhaps enough to not to be suspicious?
A regular Infantry section advances towards the ruins of the Chapel area
...supported by my Light Howitzer and Corporal "Spider" Webb's section
The battelfield mid Turn two (Brits deploying on from the left side as seen)
The Germans weren't yet taking the bait so we trundled a Tetrarch light tank down the road onto the bridge and started to range in some Arty to provoke a reaction...
"Its a bit odd the CO wants us to go this way don't you think lads?"
"Request Fire Mission - over!"
"Shot - out!"
It indeed got a reaction:
"Bloomin' Heck - its a Tiger!"
With predictable results!
"Back it up Fred! Back it up  bloody quick fer goodnes--"
So we had drawn the Tiger out of hiding but now there was a smoldering bloody wreck on the only bridge over the river.  Bugger!   Time to start pushing more lads cross- country up the left flank toward the Chapel.
"What do you mean you'd rather have a cup of tea than charge stark naked at Jerry?"
And add a bit of armour of our own!
Hello Mr Churchill!
"I say - that burning wagon ahead of us is a bit wiffy isnt it!"
With the bulk of forces deployed, British artillery inbound, a tank duel imminent and the deception plan only somewhat successful, the action was really heating up!  Tune shortly to see what happens in Part 2 of the Battle for Sannerville!


  1. Great looking game! That's some pretty darn epic gaming!

  2. Well, I'm very impressed. What a fabulous table and game.

  3. hey Paul! looks great. funny how great minds think alike. i've been looking for a new skirmish rules set w/o charts and have been viewing some youtube vids on bolt action and here you are posting about it. what a coincidink! oh, and i finally posted something this year. cheers, mate!!

  4. This table is really awesome! Beautiful pictures...

  5. Excellent stuff. The wonderful pre-battle build up posts did not disappoint.

  6. Wonderful looking game, top notch!

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