17 December 2013

There and Back Again - in a day!

To celebrate the start of the Summer holidays and prepare for the release of The Desolation of Smaug, the Lad and Lass declared that must have a mega Tolkien movie marathon.  Using all lyper-extended versions and with minimal food preparation and comfort stops, the day went like this:

  • 0810 started Fellowship of the Ring
  • 1145 started The Two Towers
  • 1540 started The Return of the King
  • 2020 started The Hobbit
  • 2321 Finished!

Phew! Didn't know you could get couch sores.  The last few hrs were a bit of a battle I must admit and made me think of this - which would have saved us some time :-)


  1. Well done guys! I would definitely have square eyes by the end of that!!

  2. Oh my that was a Marathon! Love all of them, but not sure, I could have managed that.

  3. Kudos, I tried and failed this

  4. Bloody Hell, that was a real marathon!

  5. Well done! Right up my street too... I am looking forward to about 18 months time when all 6 will have been done and available to own in Ext Ed... Now THAT will be a marathon ! And of course you'd then have to start with the Hobbit trilogy first...Can't wait ;-)

  6. That's a mega marathon. Big effort.