24 December 2013


Resurrected from HJC's old OGRE website:


This is a technique discovered by self-aware OGREs. It allows the OGRE to take some of its ranged fire during its movement phase.

During its movement phase a splitfiring OGRE may declare any number of attacks (up to the limit of weapons that it has yet to fire this turn) in any sequence and how it will expend its next movement point.

The attacks are rolled and resolved in the declared sequence and then the OGRE is moved as declared. (This movement may not be aborted, as the shells are assumed to be "in flight" during the time the OGRE is moving.)

Example: an OGRE declares a first attack of a secondary battery shot and a second shot of a single AP gun against the same 3 point stack of adjacent infantry and a next move which takes the OGRE away from the infantry.

In this example, if the secondary battery misses, then the AP shot is wasted in a 1-3 and if the secondary Xs the infantry then the AP is also wasted into thin air, but if the secondary scores a D then the AP will roll a 1-2 against the two surviving squads.

Splitfiring OGREs can sequence multiple AP attacks against the same stack of infantry during a single turn, as long as the OGRE expends movement points between the attacks. (And uses different AP guns, naturally.)

Splitfiring OGREs still only get to fire each weapon once per turn (Outside of overruns), but they get to launch attacks with different weapons from different hexes.

Example: A Splitfiring OGRE with a movement of three, moving through clear terrain will have four points to declare and resolve attacks: Before its first move, before its second move, before its third move and a normal attack phase after movement.

Expending two or more movement points to enter a hex (Say a town or water hex) only counts as a single declared move for Splitfire.

An OGRE may declare that it is expending a single movement point (in any type of terrain) and staying in the same hex as part of a Splitfire attack.

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