04 December 2013

Figure prepping like the Devil!

Its less than two weeks to go until the primer can start going on figures for the 4th Annual painting Challenge.  You may have seen that all around the hobby blogosphere preparations are in full swing and the Man Cave here is no different!

I have pledged 500 points, which as a first time participant is both outside my comfort zone and probably achievable. At the moment I am planning to complete all my initial points in 28mm figs, being:

Bolt Action Brit Para Army - all acquired except the two twin MMG recon jeeps, the FT and sniper teams

In Her Majesty's Name - a force of rugged Le Boudin types ready for the harsh desert or anywhere else the Legion needs them.  Plus a secret project that includes stout Naval chaps with derring-do and some steam conveyances! (There is a small hint on this force posted here)

Blood Bowl - a Underworld team which is a combination of different figures including mutated Goblins!

Pulp/Horror - a bunch of misc figs to complete a range of forces, including a Ghoul Armee de la Mort

So as you can see I am making the most of this year's inclusion of SF and Fantasy figures. On on!
BTW you can see a full list of the "Wild Bunch" participants, with links to their blogs, here:


  1. I wish you the very best of luck. As a fellow competitor I will admit I originally planned for 400 points, but have settled on 600 to try to push myself. So far I have done very little "prep" stoopidly believing that I can do some while waiting for paint to dry. Unlike you I will be working in a variety of scales including 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm. As I have lots of projects to try to finish! Once more best of luck

  2. You can prime the figures before the start just no colour can be applied to this, good luck for the challenge

  3. So how many figures will this be?

  4. Good luck. I look forward to seeing your entries in the Challenge. My own 600 point target seems impossibly far away now that I have pledged it!

  5. Sounds like you are well prepared.

    Good luck with the challenge, mate !
    I'm looking forward to enjoying your finished minis.

  6. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

  7. Best of luck! I'm also a first-timer and also went for 500 as being achievable and outside the comfort zone.

  8. Prep away my good man, not long now!

  9. Stick some primer/undercoat on em , it's fine... Looking forward to seeing the Para's and the pulp

  10. Best of luck in the challenge. My prepping has slowed down in the last few days.
    I should get a lot more done hopefully this weekend.

  11. Thanks everyone - I'm really looking forward to being part of it with everyone
    Should be a hoot!