22 December 2013

Week 1 Challenge Progress

So having submitted my Naval Landing Party this week, I'm slightly above my required "points per week" progress line to achieve my 500 point total (which equates to about 40 points per week of the challenge).  The next three weeks are going to be tough going though, with time away from the Cave bringing painting to a temporary halt.

In other news, Dux and I are neck and neck at 50 points each, with Comrade James still to get any runs on the board.  He is moving house though, so expect no significant progress from him until January.  No doubt Dux will capitalise on my absence after Christmas to streak ahead - the opportunistic cad!
I'm REALLY enjoying the challenge - its the first painting I've done all year and its awesome to see everyone's productivity!  Thanks so much for all the effort you are putting into it Curt.


  1. I am also enjoying the challenge. I had not realised that it would mean 40+ points each and every week. (600 point target for me). However I do intend to get a few bonus round points in along the way. I wish all three of you the very best of luck.

  2. It's the whold point of the challenge. Being motivated thanks to all the contestants.

  3. Impressive looking stats Paul and plenty more to come one hopes.

  4. Certainly hoping to get some runs on the board while you're away! I take comfort in the thought that while you are doing graphs you aren't painting....