18 December 2013

The Hunters - released

Back in Jan (here) I pre-ordered Consim world's new solitaire U-Boat game "The Hunters" hoping it would arrive before I started my trip away.  Well it didn't and I understand that there were production issues at GMT so I sailed off and forgot all about it.  Until today that is, when I got an email to say it had been shipped!  Seems that rather than rush it out, the Consim/GMT guys rightly took the time to fix things properly in slower time and it was released earlier this month.

Mine just shipped so by the time it dodges the reindeer and crosses some oceans it will be January before I get it.  However,  the reviews from the US look excellent and the unboxing reviews below show some high quality components so it looks well worth the wait.

The rules have also been put online here

As you can see, there a lot of similarities with the classic games B-17 and Patton's Best which I'm very fond of.  I'm probably showing my age but I'd much rather have the excitement of rolling dice on a bunch of charts rather than play a PC sim game.

Can't wait to get started in 2014 - in fact, I've got my Kriegsmarine marches and Das Boot soundtrack loaded on the iPhone ready to go!

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  1. Much as you may prefer "analogue" games can I recommend the PC game "Silent Hunter III?" I found it to be excellent in that you could set the difficult from simply "click to shoot" to "use math to calculate gyroscope angles."