22 March 2012

Shamrock Cup: 2012

Long time readers may recall that Comrade James and I play a Blood Bowl grudge competition every Olympic year called the Shamrock Cup.  This coveted trophy has a proud and beer filled history and so far the honour board looks like this:
  • 2000 - Paul (Skaven)
  • 2004 - James (Human)
  • 2008 - Competition scratched due to excessive Warpstone consumption
So this year its time to once again contest the Shamrock Cup!  I'm taking my Skaven for the third time in a row, while Comrade J is taking Dark Elves after all his recent experience with them in Northbowl.  My standing 1 million gp Skaven team is 2 Blitzers, 4 Gutter Runners, 1 Thrower, 5 Linerats and 2 Rerolls.
The contesting teams line out for the fans in front of the glittering Prize!
Game 1: My Dice completely deserted me.  Thats my excuse anyway but I must say I was well out of practice with my rats, and I think 3 double skulls qualifies me to proclaim 'crap dice'!  James was up 2 nil at half time after I kicked to him, and then quickly smashed me for a third early in the second half.  I managed to squeek in a TD before the final siren, and thus didnt have to undergo the ignomy of a 3 nil drubbing.

Game 2:  My Skaven had their revenge this week (despite the significant pre-match beverages), climbing to a 2 nil Victory to equalize the competition standings at 1 match apiece.  The rats were in a particularly vicious mood, killing two pointy ears and KOing another 2 or 3 during the match.   The rain didn't help the Dark Elves' usual short passing game style either, but I call that exploiting the environment.

So Match 3 will be the decider, though it will be a little while until we can get together again as we live in different states.  Will the Rats take back the Cup? or will James become the first coach to take back to back pennants...


  1. Come on Paul, the Shamrock Cup will be yours soon....

  2. Go RATS! Good luck man! I am getting my Orcs ready for a Blood Bowl tournament that is hosted before a 40k tournament in May...looking forward to it.

  3. Good Luck Paul; that's some trophy to win if it is only awarded every four years and not since 2008!

  4. I'm sure the Rat's will be the winners!!! Good luck.

  5. Good luck rats! I've been feeling the itch to play skaven again too.
    I can sympathize with the dice. My throws love skulls & 1's too, which is why I was thinking of 4 rerolls for skaven ;)

    Go rats!

  6. Looking forward to that game 3 result. Hope he's not using his Witch Elves as safeties. I've killed a lot of Gutter Runners that way.

    1. I dont recall him using a Witch Elf - his usual lineup is 4 Blitzers, a Runner, a stack of Linemen and some Rerolls. Suits me fine!

  7. Thanks all - after all your posts I'm bound to win any "Cheering Fans" rolls!

  8. Missed this yesterday. Good luck in getting back the cup. Warpstone hangovers are the worst.

  9. The Dark Elves are already plotting ways to avoid a repeat of game 2....thanks for the tip on killing gutter runners....i think the Skaven were more used to playing after pre game beverages than the Elves!