13 March 2012

Austrian Death Machine

I'm spending a lot of time in the car at the moment, and always looking for something new to listen to.  I have a bunch of podcasts and audiobooks, but someone gave me the tip on the band "Austrian Death Machine"

Essentially. they are a thrash metal band playing Schwarzenegger movie-themed songs and including an Arny mimic on the voice overs.  Pretty funny stuff and each one is like an Arny trivia quizz.  As an example, here are some of the songs of the first album, Total BrutalGet to the Choppa, I Am a Cybernetic Organism- Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskeleton, Who Is Your Daddy, And What Does He Do?, You Have Just Been Erased, Here Is Subzero- Now Plain Zero, Screw You Benny, If It Bleeds We Can Kill It, and It's Not a Tumor.
Funny stuff.   I'm not really into speed metal, so it wont be one I listen to frequently- but its worth checking out for a laugh!


  1. Spoke to David Crook yesterday and he said you're getting you own command, congrats and he also said you like beer.....a lot!

  2. Lol, if this is real I am going to look them up!

  3. It is real. It's good for a short amount of time but too "jokey" for extended listening.