04 March 2012

Old Stuff Day+1: More Vietnam

There was some interest in my Vietnam figures yesterday so I though I'd expand a little on that.  Comrade James and I got into the genre 5 years ago to play an emerging and fun looking game: "Flashpoint Vietnam".  Unfortunately, as cool as it was the mechanics didn't flow so well and our games were less than satisfying.

In the rewrite to a second edition the author moved countries, sold his company etc and it all fell apart.  I would love to try FoW: Vietnam with these guys, but unfortunately an entire state separates the antagonists for now.  Anyhow, here are some other goodies I made for my USMC force:

Ontos: http://tasmancave.blogspot.com.au/2008/03/two-ontos-join-platoon_7313.html

M48s: http://tasmancave.blogspot.com.au/2008/02/another-m48-joins-orbat_6443.html

And yes, the LVTPs are still sitting half done in the box, along with a bunch of other great goodies...


  1. Nice pics, shame about the rules!

  2. Great looking figures. Shame you're not getting any use out of them

  3. Great figures. Give Cold War Commander or Ambush Valley a go.

  4. Looking very nice !

    Thanks for the background story, hope you get a chanse to start playing with them again.

    best regards dalauppror