20 March 2012

I killed an Elf...and I liked it!

I played the much delayed Game 2 of my Rookies Season this weekend: against the Woodland Stryders.
Oddin's Champions went into this game carrying 3 Journeymen and missing the Thrower Hagbard the Hairy, so it was expected to be an uphill game.  I had 50k available for inducements and took a Bloodweiser Babe, but the Woodies had a stack of fans and got 2 FAME (just like last game!)
This game saw the batism of the new Norse stadium pitch!
On the first turn my Norse killed a wardancer who got apothed but it stayed cold on the slab! But the celebrations were short lived when the elves got up 1 nil by halftime and one of my Berserkers died on a failed dodge.
The blue players from Dad's Human team were my Journeymen for the game
In the second half I killed another Elf but rolled badly at the cost of 2 TDs.  So the Norse went down 3-0 with 4-4 casualties (2-1 kills to me).  3 of my casualties (including the death) were from failed dodges!

So I lost, but killed two elves so its kind of like a win :-)
The official Match Report is here: http://www.southernvalley.bloodbowlleague.com/default.asp?p=m&m=1161
2 Dead Elves is better than 1!
Annoyingly, my Blitzer who died had a few SPP and it was a Journeymen who got the MVP.  I hired him but didn't have enough cash to hire the other one who has a Casualty to his name.  Only got 30k in winnings, for a total of 60k overall between the two games.  Leaves only 10k after I bought the MVP Journeyman, way short of the Apoth I need with all my 7 Armour, and I'm now down a Blitzer too.  Nobody has skilled up yet and I'm down to 920k Team Value.

Round 3 is vs High Elves, but at least my Thrower will be back and I will have only one Journeyman.
Should be able to afford a Wizard too, or maybe a Wandering Apoth and a Babe.

Right Stuff Reilly


  1. I think you will do better on your next game. As you said, you had a moral victory at least.

    I lost the league playoffs but I did kill the Kroxigor and I had fun, which is the most important thing.

  2. Well done that man ! Elves always strike me as being so pretentious and IMHO should be either ignored or done away with :-D

  3. Great fun, but certainly a brutal encounter; particularly if you are an elf!

  4. Elves are prancing prima dona's, 2 less is no loss, good work but you need a bit of luck.....

  5. I don't understand this game...but I'm backing you from now on! May Nanuck of the Norse be with you!

  6. Gotta say I really do love that pitch!

  7. Dead from a dodge, that's always the most painful to suffer with. It's one thing to have your players scrap it out and die, but to dodge or go for it, trip & fall, dying from an ankle-sprain related injury... such a waste of player potential. Good luck in the next game!

  8. thankyou people one and all but the shows not over yet! The next game is against High Elves so let us all praise there is more dead elves(and less losses for the Norse!