24 March 2012

ManCave Bowl !

January saw us play a small resurrection tourney while Comrade James was here for CANCON.  It was a round robin setup with 3 players, everyone playing the others once during the week.  Tourney points were 5 for a win, 3 for a draw, 1 for a loss, +1 for scoring 3 or more TDs, +1 for inflicting more casualties.

Game 1 saw the Lads's Thor's Thunderers (Norse) drive down my Black Orc Down in an embarrassing 2 nil defeat.  I managed to out-casualty him, but at 1:0 it wasn't much to brag about.  His dice were hot and he pulled off some awesome hero plays I wouldn't have tried (like dodging into 3 tackle zones, picking up the ball in said 3 TZs, and then throwing an accurate pass while standing in 3 TZs...all without any rerolls) - Nuffle blessed his courage accordingly.

Game 2 The Lad faced off against Comrade James and his Undead team.  The boy's dice remained hot and he again was victorious, this time with a 2:1 Victory.
Being a round robin event, and with the Lad winning his two matches, James and I moved on from the dead rubber and declared the Lad the hero of the Tourney.  Accordingly, this home made trophy (made made by my talented friend Ken) now proudly resides in his bedroom!


  1. Well done Right Stuff! And that is an awesome trophy.

  2. Vyer nice trophy and well done the lad. Sometimes you just have to go for it and damn the torpedoes. And the blitzer. And the thrower. And the guy with tackle...

  3. Wow, Dice of fire!
    Great trophy too!

  4. Norse for the win!!! Well done indeed!