07 March 2011

Viking Lords: the Hy-Brazil 7

First up is "Sven's Grandfather" who has a splitting headache but as the Lad says: 'Its only a flesh wound'!

And presenting the 'Hy-Brazil Seven' who are the heroes about whom tales are told (well, in my living room anyway!)  They are (from L to R): Eric the Viking, Thorfin Skullspitter, Snorri the Miserable, Sven the Berserk, Sven's Dad, Ivar the Boneless and Keitel Blacksmith.

There are plans afoot to complete the rest of Eric's crew from Ravensfjord: Halfdan the Black, Loki, Harold the Missionary, Lief the Lucky, Earnst the Viking, Jennifer the Viking, Unn-the-Thrown-at, Ingemund the Old, Phorhild the Sarcastic, Mordfiddle the Cook, Thorkatla the Indiscreet and Ulf the Unmemorable.

Naturally, the Lad's favourite characters from the movie were "Horribly Slain Warrior" and "Even More Horribly Slain Warrior" in the Valhalla scene.  Might have to make them to join Sven's grandfather and then use them as zombies or something...

All figs are by Wargames Factory, with GW cloaks and furs from the bits box, painted by my talented mate Ken M who sculpted the additional hair on with greenstuff.


  1. Nice one! Though Keitel really needs some ladies hanging off of him.

  2. The magnificant seven ! nice idea to use the characters from Erik the Viking.

    Strangely I'm just about to create a group of seven warriors - sent from the mainland to help in the defense of the Isle of Sceapige

    -- Allan

  3. oooh that looks sore!! Nice work!