28 March 2011

Dark Age Hovels

Fleshing out the Dark Age village further, I've knocked up a couple of hovel style dwellings.

I used the tops of some deodorant cans (Norsca of course!) and glued the teddy bear fur around them after hacking out a rough doorway.  (Hint:  spray the inside of the lids black BEFORE you start work.  It would have been so much easier at the end... ) Actually, gluing the fur onto a 3D shape was a pain and I had to go over them a few times to get it right.  In the end all was well, and like the A-Frame house I applied some watered down PVA glue to get the right effect.  I deliberately did this quite roughly and tried to get a better layering effect than on the better constructed A-frame roof.  Unlike the other buildings though, I didn't make a base for them so they are a bit more versatile and can be placed on top of hills or in swamps where you expect such abodes.

Overall they came out well though I might need to hack the door outs a bit more.  I deliberately left them very small but may have overdone it.  Then again, big strapping vikings in their armour aren't the usual inhabitants either.  Also, the flatter hut I don't think has the right shape.  It will do and I want to have some variety but , well,  it just not how I imagined I suppose. Maybe I'll add a smoke hole in the roof.

So a bit of effort, but not as much as the other buildings, and they look the part for a Dark Age village.
Lets burn them down!