11 March 2011

Dark Ages Thatched Hall

This was my first scratch built building for a loooong time.  Essentially its plastic card walls, with texture provided by layering on spackle (the filler you get to repair holes in plaster walls).  The front door is a single piece of balsa and carved with a sharp blade.  The roof is cardboard and covered with teddy bear fur (available at Spotlight for those in Oz).  I will be gluing the thatching down for a more authentic look in the future but it does the job well for now I think.  I deliberately left it removable for gaming interior battles.

The whole building is mounted on mdf (actually its a blank mdf coaster, available cheaply at Bunnings).  Paint wise, it was a quick slap of a few paint and washes to give it a mottled effect - all applied I might add in the 3 hours before our last game - which explains why the interior is unpainted.  But I did add some bench seats in there and will get around to finishing off the inside one day soon.

In retrospect it might be a bit tall but I'm really happy with how it come out, and I (re)learned a few lessons for the next construction now underway.


  1. Very nice work, good job on that thatch, I apologise but I had a flash of an image of one of the Bee Gees.

  2. Looks like it would keep you cosy in the winter!