20 October 2017

The Mother of Dragons - Dragon Rampant Scenario

As part of our Fowlwarren fantasy Campaign, I hunted down some Warhammer Skirmish scenarios and adapted them for Dragon Rampant - they have been quite a hit.  This one is a Dragon egg hunt.  I also modified it by tying the appearance of the Mother Dragon to the first nest getting robbed, so it added a real tension of "who would be first" and thus bring doom down upon them all - lots of fun!
In his later memoirs, Dwarf Commander Alanus Dux would consider that being first to
grab the eggs was one of the more foolhardy decisions of his military career...
Posted here for others to enjoy and I would love to hear any feedback you may have.
Here is the player handout:

Down and dirty at Scratchley Bottom

The region known as Scratchley Bottom is a renowned nesting area for…Dragons! 

Your General greatly desires adding a few flying lizards to his Army (who wouldn’t?), and has ordered you to collect as many of the fertilised eggs as possible.  Obviously the enemy will be trying to do the same.  Its is unlikely that the Mummy Dragon will be very generous with her offspring…

There are 6 nests on the table. Each nest contains a secret number of eggs: 3, 2, or 1 (written under the token)

To collect the eggs, a unit must finish a movement action on the nest. Secretly look at the number but do not reveal it to your opponent.  The eggs stay with that unit until they withdraw from the field.  If the carrying unit is routed or destroyed, the eggs are dropped in their last location.  Eggs can be transferred between units which are adjacent at the end of the carrying unit’s move.

The Dragon
.  Mother is currently out hunting but will be along soon. She is a Smaug level badass

Mother remains off table until the first nest is violated. At that time roll after each players’ turn – on a 6+ she will fly into the centre of the table.  

Mother will take a turn after each player finishes (I told you she was a Smaug level badass!)
As long as there are eggs left in the nests, she will stay within 18” of the centre of the board to defend them.  In doing so, she:
- will attack the closest unit in range.  ie Charge and attack if able to reach in one turn, or Flame breath attack on units within 12inches
- If two units are equidistant, she will be focus on units carrying eggs, if any.
- If there are no units within attack range, she will use her turn to move towards nests still containing eggs vice empty ones

Hint for Players – the Dragon is a big, scary beast (appropriately). Consider when it might be time to cut your losses and scarper with what you’ve got!


  1. The fact Dwarf Commander Alanus Dux even HAS later memoirs is a tribute to his resilience in the face of such a nasty scaled beast!

    1. Indeed. His epic Second Volume, titled "My friends and other animals", is considered seminal work in the Dwarven Kingdoms