18 October 2017

Battles in the Land of Fowlwarren: our Fantasy Campaign

I've been too busy painting and playing to blog lately. Awesome :-)  Mostly we have been getting our Dragon Rampant on, and I wrote a number of new scenarios which I will share here.  But first let me introduce our fantasy campaign setting: the Land of Fowlwarren.  Note that our group lies firmly on the 'light hearted with whimsical tendencies' side of the wargaming spectrum, not uber competitive.  But we do love a narrative setting and linkage between games where possible.

Our campaign setting is based entirely on this cartoon which I came across last year:

..which I then used to develop the multiplayer Battle at Duffers' Drift, between the Scions of the White Rabbit and the Defenders of the One True Duck God.  Ultimately inconclusive in its results (other than the associated fun, laughs and adult beverage consumption), it formed the basis of this year's Spring Campaign...

In the aftermath of last year’s battle royale at Duffer’s Drift, 
the opposing armies retired to lick their wounds and plot their revenge. 
Now the snows have melted, the crops are planted and there 
is plenty of fighting time before the harvest. 
‘Tis time to put down the plow and take up the sword – have at you!

To the East The Scions of the White Rabbit, under the command of Duke Fare d’enough, are the pride of the Empire of Hopsland.   Opposing them in the West are the Empire of Mallardia and their quasi-religious Army of the One True Duck, commanded by Prince Arr l’Orange.  They (mostly) battle in the disputed territories between them, split by the River Piddle (a raging torrent at this stage of the evening).

While skirmishes can and do develop throughout the region, principal clashes  erupt in the forested basin of Scratchley Bottom, the strategically pivotal Ticklecock Bridge and the commanding terrain of Knutter's Knoll in the south.
Thanks to Aled at the club for developing this excellent campaign map!
Its not exactly Tolkien, but it is a bit of fun and we will build on it as we go. 
More to follow...


  1. This is every kind of awesome.

  2. It does make flag painting easier.

  3. Cool map mate! Actually there is a real life River Piddle in Dorset England! :-) We used to visit a pub at one of the villages that were on it - "The Thimble" at Piddlehinton : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Piddle

  4. Great stuff. Should be lots of fun.

  5. Sounds great, this map is awesome!

  6. The map looks very cool - good luck to the rabbits and their holy Velvetine Crusade

  7. Good to see we share a like minded approach to naming key geographical features!

    1. I may have been inspired by your example :-)