03 October 2017

Rivers and a Bridge

Water obstacles - they can have a huge impact on any game but I rarely use them.  Firstly, because they are bulky to take to the club nights at the pub; and secondly because I didn't have a good one anyway.  20 years ago I knocked up a quick river system with some plaster and foam on cardboard.  Looked pretty good for the game the following weekend but it was always going to warp and fall apart quickly.  Naturally, 20 years later its still giving loyal service and way overdue for replacement...
Squadron Leader Topper Redfern is captured by a Kriegsmarne squad in a recent game of 5 Men at Kursk 
Earlier this year at CanCon I finally put down money on the GF9 Battlefield in a Box - one of each of the four boxes in the set (see here).  A couple of months ago I bought the Warlord's stone bridge set during their sprue sale.  This week I thought it was time to get them together.

The Bridge was undercoated with Uniform Grey spray and dry brushed with 3 different layers of light greys, a little bit of brown, a touch of green in places for moss and then I added some streaking to indicate wear and use.

Pretty happy overall. Time to get some GF9 ponds to complement them.


  1. Bridge looks pretty damn good Paul. The rivers are probably about the best out there that you can buy, I think.

  2. Lovely bridge and river sir...