22 October 2017

Hobby Catch-up

I've been getting a bit of painting done over the last few weeks and realise that I haven't posted it here at the blog.  A few highlights:

Fireforge resin markers - for use with a range in games as battered/shock etc.  I'm really thrilled with the way they have come out, and abandoned my sepia wash idea to keep them bright and striking.
As inspiration, I looked up the 14th Century German Manuscript Wappenrolle, which has a great record of shields and heraldry (thanks for the suggestion Alan).  All of my markers are reproductions of the designs seen there - even the chicken!

And to expand my Riders of Doom themed Army in Dragon Rampant, I have added the inspiringly named 'Green Regiment'. In the non-campaigning season these strapping lads are popular street entertainers renowned for interpretative dance performances including “The Eviseration of Bogfriar’s Abbey”, “Blood Party at Netherwallop” and the unforgettable “The Nightmare of Knacker’s Hole”

As the most attractive member of the troupe, the bearded Ginger is the Green Regiment's Commander (and choreographer)
 Plastic GW Chaos Marauder figures
"We need a bigger warbeast!"


  1. Good to see you've been keeping busy and I love those resin markers.

  2. I'm looking your blog and my daughter see the dog " o papa le chien ! ", very nice work and......beautifull dog

    1. He is very cute, and a bit of a rascal too!

  3. Lovely work, and cute doggy!

  4. Lovely work, and cute doggy!

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