08 October 2017

Extra Large Rocky Hill

Last week I bought the GF9 Extra Large Rocky hill.  Like all the Battlefield in a Box series pieces, you can use it right out of the box, or you can put a little bit of extra work in and get some great results.  This is how I did mine:

First a light grey dry brush
 followed by a very light white highlight

A few touchups on the stones and the surrounding dirt and then the addition of flock, but not too much (its is a rocky hill after all!)

Then to add more colour I then went with some autumn coloured clump foliage.  At first I wasn't convinced but when going with something different I think its a case of being bold.  In the end, with some light and dark green added in to break it up, it came out rather well.

And it was in use only a few days after purchase for some "King of the Hill" type scenarios in Dragon Rampant.
A nice focal point for action in the centre of the battlefield


  1. Good call on the clump foliage. I like the GF9 stuff, it’s surprisingly cheap and indestructible.

    1. The yellows and oranges certainly bring it ore to life I think

      I've bought quite a bit of GF9 stuff this year and and a big fan - rivers, ponds, this hill. All good. However, a friend had a different experience with the roads which ended up cracking and breaking at the ends

  2. Nicely done Paul. :)

    I too am a fan of the Battlefield in a Box stuff. :)