24 August 2017

Another 5 Men in Normandy

Scene of Action -  French village of Bouzeville, somewhere in Normandy
This week at the club we played another game of 5 Men In Normandy - but this time we had 4 players each with 5 man units.  It was a lot of fun and I got to put a bunch of stuff on the table that hadn't been used in action before, which was really cool.
Red devils cautiously probe the ruin
But the Green Devils await them eagerly!
Here are some pics of the action as Brit Paras, Fallshirmjaeger and Kriegsmarine hunted each other in the burned out ruins of Bouzeville..
The Bren team moves up in support
but the MG42 in the ruins is covering the approach
Like all sailors, these Kriegsmarine chaps are looking for the pub!

It was a lot of fun, but I think we passed the sweet spot for these rules and broke them a little with our 4 player game.  Next week we will try the expanded 5 Men at Kursk which is a little less freeplay but suits larger games better.  Just enjoying trying out some new and different rules for a change.
Move up!
This didn't end so well.  The hunting horn is now hanging in a Luftwaffe mess as a trophy