06 August 2017

Guards Brigade on the move!

With the upcoming release of Battlegroup: Market Garden later this year I thought I would expend my British Army a bit from the Airborne and start some new vehicles to represent the XXX Corps drive north to Arnhem.  Here are the first few completed.

I've always been a fan of the Cromwell Tank so when I spied Warlord's resin version with burlap camo I was in and the Guards Brigade used them as Recon vehicles.  Actually, painting the burlap drew me crazy - I went first with hessian colour but against the tank's green it look really dumb.  So I picked out the cloth strips in different colours and it looked a bit circus like.  Anyway, this was the final result with lashings of mud, dirt and dust to show its off-road recce role.

Insignia is for the Guards Brigade

I also did something different, painting the Tank Commander's goggles and all the periscope optics with a gem effect - not sure if I like it yet but they add a bit of colour and match each other nicely .

Naturally, one cant recreate A Bridge Too Far without having Michael Caine (playing Col Vandelur, CO of the Irish Guards) and his Humber Scout Car on the Table.  I got the Warlord resin boxed set which is nice, and then added lashings of stowage and bits to the outside.

Lots of mud, dust and grime were added to again demonstrate the hard work of the recon forces ahead of the main body.
Big Joe directs the column from his spiffy ride 
I might have gone a little overboard on the Olive green highlights, but it is the Irish Guards you know!
Not sure what I will use it for  yet (its a very expensive mobile LMG in Bolt Action terms) but its an iconic vehicle so I had to have one in my force :-)
Forget Jerry's big cats - Odin is the biggest threat in this garden!


  1. "Send in the Panzerhund, Fritz!"

    Lovely models as always, and a really nice way of photographing them as well. I feel your pain on the camo netting - it's hard to make it look different without being silly. Really need to do some more 28mm WW2 some day...

  2. That's a great look to the vehicles- I struggle with painting armour, so well done! I've always had a soft spot for scout cars, and yours looks great!

    1. Thanks mate. Now to work out how to use them on the table without loosing them!

  3. Great effort Paul, and I like the Russian style mine dog there too.

  4. Look awesome. Have you seen the Wargames Illustrated miniature line I am sure they have some figures in there of use.

  5. Really like these. Your method of highlighting the green armour is rather good.