03 August 2017

Bolt Action Patrol Scenario - Capture Herr Flick!

Odin's Night at the pub in action!
Last week we saw British General Urquart captured by the Germans, interrogated by the vile Herr Flick of the Gestapo and subsequently rescued by the dapper Red Devils of the Airborne Brigade.  However, before his rescue the General was subjected to unspeakable torture (some of their operas last for days you know) and forced to reveal the location of all the tea and biscuit dumps supporting the British invasion forces.  

Herr Flick is racing to his masters to hand over this key information; if the Luftwaffe can bomb the pivotal tea logistics nodes, the invasion will undoubtedly grind to a halt - Herr Flick must be stopped at all costs!
Herr Flick loiters with friends in the Gestapo safe house
Time to call in the men of the...

This was a 500 point patrol game using the Capture Churchill scenario from OP SEALION. Defending Gestapo HQ was Slowpainter John and his Gebirgsjager.  This was their first tabletop outing after being painted rather wonderfully by Patch of WWPD fame.
John's lovely Gebirgsjagers
Her Flick started in a small building in the centre of the table, covered by a sniper team and with an infantry squad outside.  The first two gliders dropped in and two British para teams took up station on the North and South sides of the house.  Gunfire was exchanged, eliminating the sniper team, and decimating the German infantry in the open.

As the next two British gliders dropped in, the paras dashed into the building to take Herr Flick prisoner, but he would not go so quietly as that.  His chattering schmisser gunned down all the tommies as he laughed maniacally but with Teutonic poise (John rolled a double six for 2 kills, while I only managed one).  Herr Flick was obviously considered a top agent for a reason, and not a man to be trifled with!
"Think you can take me Tommies? Dummkof!"
As the British support team set up to the West of the house, German reinforcements put pressure on the para security, wiping out the sniper and mortar teams without breaking a sweat
John's Mountain troops roll up my left flank, but will they get to the cottage in time to save Herr Flick?
It was all down to Corporal ‘Squizzy’ Taylor’s third section.  Stepping over the still warm corpses of their brethren from No 1 section, Squizzy’s boys were able to put Herr Flick ‘into the bag’ before scarpering out the back door.  More Gebirgsjager appeared from the west, mopping up the para support elements, but Squizzy and his mean were able to move off sharpish before the German mountain troops could catch them.
"Right - lets try this again, shall we?"
"Home in time for tea and medals lads!"

"Unfortunately, this means the Russian Front for us Kommeraden..."

A fun and quick game – I was lucky to get away when I did, having taken more casualties than John but being in a better position to achieve the scenario objectives.  We were playing on a a slightly small table too (3.5 x 3.5) which likely helped me a bit too.  Really loving these small games for club night.  I think a small vehicle (recon jeep, motorcycle with sidecar and LMG) would be a great next step.


  1. I love and know what to start yet another period! Funnily enough I have just ordered a copy of Sea Lion too.

    1. Its so down your alley Michael - you're going to love all the crazy Home Guard stuff! :-)

  2. Nice result Paul. Those Mountain boys look flippin good.

    1. They do indeed, though I cant take any credit for them

  3. Excellent stuff Paul! Looks great.

  4. Cracking stuff mate. Lovely brushwork!

    1. Thanks mate! The Gebirgs are all Patch's work

  5. Nice little write up and photo's.

  6. Great fun! Looking forwards to more in this saga.