01 March 2017

Painting Challenge Week 10 Submissions

A couple of entries this week, and first up is a native Canoe being portaged - I will be using this as a movable deployment marker in Sharp Practice 2, but have left the canoe separate so I can instead add a ladder or other ancillary equipment instead if required.

9 villagers of various ages - some lovely poses from aged woman and girl holding hands, Woman milling corn, swaddled infants and those quietly smoking pipes.  They will inhabit the longhouse and village that I have planned (for after AHPC finishes).

Figures sponsored by Marlboro!  
This AHPC entry is here: From Paul OG: Indian Canoe and Villagers (60 Points)

And now my most important figure of the challenge; the Curtgeld.
This 28mm Landsknecht is busy redistributing goods from undeserving locals to obviously far more deserving liberators.  This is one half of a two man chest lifting team, and Reilly is painting the other guy to complete this small family submission to the larger team Oz effort.
My first Landsknecht and while it as fun to break out all the colours, I'm glad I'm not doing a whole amy of them! He is sporting a dapper ginger beard as a permanent reminder of who painted him :-)
You'll see some more Landsknechts at the AHPC blog in the coming weeks as the team contribution comes together and is communally based.  This entry is here: 
From Paul O'G: Looting Landsknecht Curtgeld (27 Points)

These contributions push me past my initial target of 850 points-  I am on track to crack 1000 for a new personal best. Only 3 weeks to go!


  1. More great work Paul, I love the chaps manhandling the canoe.

  2. Don't disappoint the Dux! You have to get past 1,000 points or be willing to bear his disapproving look for the rest of your life.