14 February 2017

Painting Challenge Week 8 Submissions

Two small entries this week - as always I got caught up in all the lovely detail on the models.  Most satisfying from a Hobby perspective but not so much for points efficiency.

Back in AHPC IV I did a Churchill tank to support the Paras that I focused upon during that challenge.  While that beast is indeed well armoured -  yet to be destroyed on the table in fact - it doesn't provide a good anti tank capability (though it has taken out Comrade Jame's Pz IV on one lucky occasion, hasn't it mate? :-)  To give my Red Devils a stronger punch I considered adding an Achilles, but in the end went with a classic Sherman VC Firefly:

I lament Warlord's move away from appropriately weighty resin models.  However, I will admit that their replacement plastic kit is wonderfully detailed.  I really enjoy weathering vehicles, so I tried something new with the AK Dried Mud effects - easy to use and I like the outcome, but I think I prefer a wetter mud look rather than the sandy finish.  This was also my first use of decals for some time, given Alan's zealous shaming bullying training program.  I think the icons and tactical markings add a lot to 28mm armour.

So no more sneering at PIATs and 6 pounders Comrade James, your Panzers now have something to fear!
...and so do mine! Odin "helps" me snap some pics, prior to a taste testing...
Also this week, "Feeling a bit poorly" is a generic marker to show when a unit is battered in Dragon Rampant .  I enjoyed making this small diorama and all the little details like the bloody hand smear on the rock and blood spatter on the flowers depict a rather macabre story. 

Hopefully I get to lend this to my opponents more than I need it myself :-)  I'm sure I have some more of these casualty figs somewhere to make more but cant find them at the moment.  

These entries (which can be seen at the AHPV bog here) added to the Home Terrain Bonus Round this week, get me peeking past the 700 point mark and comfortably on track for 1k:


  1. Cracking work again Paul, I have to say that I love the details and Odin is adorable.

  2. Great work there Paul! Very impressive.

  3. Well done Paul. I was really partial to the Firefly until I saw Odin. That's some fine painting there!