13 February 2017

CanCon - Part 2: The Confession

The CanCon pile of shame - but in fairness it mostly came from the second hand stall and in any case I'm buying for two right? right!
A boy and his loot

Given our current foray into FIW using Sharp Practice 2 - I got some nice tokens and this mdf set by Battlefield miniatures to track Force morale and display the Command cards as they are drawn (Yes Alan, I got a set for you too!)

Various bits for Dragon Rampant.  I wasn't planning to get a new goblin army but fate intervened, as it does...

Gorgeous, but not worth painting points so these will have to wait until AHPC VII is over!
A new modular river system was on my to get list (I'm still using a temporary one I scratch built 20 odd years ago on cardboard and the years have not been so kind) so I felt comfortable in splashing out to get this set.  With some flock, tufts and a little bit of extra detailing, these can look fantastic.

I also got a few nice Weird WW2 goodies - some Konflikt 47 Armoured Infantry and a trio of these great MG toting Soviet Gorillas from Eureka Miniatures.

Didn't find anyone selling nice gaming mats (which was strange) so I'll have to go elsewhere to update my veteran and now dying one.  Strangely, there was a lack of diversity in the trade stalls I thought.  I did pick up a half dozen pluck foam trays though, so that will help protect all this figures I am painting in the Challenge.

Well those are the highlights, though there was lots of other hobby detritus in the bags(s).  Enough to tide us over for a bit :-)


  1. Nice Haul. I always enjoy convention reports. Thanks for posting.

  2. Great bunch of supplies. Good stuff. cheers

  3. Nice going mate! The buildings look cool.

  4. Fine Lootz... and really should have been more if it was for two of you..

  5. Well done! Remember your purchases are making the economy stronger by increasing the velocity of currency circulation - it's your patriotic duty to buy miniatures!