06 February 2017

Painting Challenge Week 7 Submission

Presenting the last unit of my Riders of Doom themed army for Dragon Rampant.  This is a 12 figure light foot unit using plastic GW Chaos Marauders (quite nice figures once you cull all the silly over the top components).   I experimented with some speed painting techniques, keeping the purple colour theme from the other units of the army.   They aren't perfect but I'm pretty happy with the overall result, finishing them just in time to have a submission this week.

I'm also chuffed to have started and now completed a full force during this challenge, albeit the unit sizes are much smaller when compared to most massed Fantasy battle games.  I'll have to take a picture of the force all together soon.

This AHPC entry is here:

These chaps add 60 points to my total to get my toes just over the 600 point mark.  I've added a new line to my progress bar (Miles will be proud of this additional spreadsheet complexity!) which aims for a 1k total - its an average of 66 points per week from where I currently sit; achievable if I continue my momentum and make all the bonus rounds (as planned).  Thanks for all the encouragement so far!