07 March 2015

WSS 77 & Battlegroup in the Desert

Amongst its other fine offerings, the latest issue of WSS 77 includes an article with Warwick Kinrade, the author of the Battlegroup rules series.  In his piece, he discusses taking the rules to North Afrika and how he intends to adapt the existing rules to that environment.

I'm not going to drop any spoilers here, other than the interesting news that the Western Desert will probably see two volumes.  This will allow rules and army lists to more accurately represent the opening years in the desert, and the later fierce fighting in Tunisia.  The same approach was taken for other theatres too and works very well.

If you are a BG fan, this is an article well worth reading.
The rest of the mag is good too :-)


  1. I get it through the newsagent but I am around two issues behind. Still got top repurchase the blitzkrieg volume.