24 March 2015

Space Hulk: The Fall of Kagul III

Some nice footage of Space Hulk gaming at Adepticon 2015 over the weekend, with an interesting scenario for six players.  Not sure what rules were used or who manufactured the Hulk terrain.

Pics and narrative courtesy of Dave here: http://www.forum.specialist-arms.com/index.php?topic=7081.0

A huge game of Space Hulk played on a Creative Gamescape setup. Four marine players had to find an Inquisitor and get him off planet in twenty turns. Probably the closest game I ever played (see the last couple of captions) which made for a very cinematic game.
Ultramarines on the hunt for the Inquisitor 
Deathwing looking for a way to open the landing bay door

The board - 4 marine and 2 stealer players
Blood Angels look for the Inquisitor on the other side of the landing bay

Hormagaunts get shot to pieces

The Chaplain was the luckiest model on the board. He waded through bug after bug and lost combat 5ish times but made his saves each time

Shoot the bugs Brothers, not the wall!
Racking up the kill count

Moving toward the second level

The Grey Knight Captain shot down an entire swarm guarding the bay door console

This guy was fun to bring around the corner - the warrior won

The Inquisitor is found

Overwatch time!
The guy took out the warrior.  A hormagaunt finally got him
A stealer gets the first Grey Knight kill

With one turn left the Carnifex stands between the Inquisitor and his escape!
He boxcar-ed it! He and the pilot race toward the shuttle and...and 1AP short.  Bugs win!


  1. Not really mu cuppa tea, but the game looks excellent!

  2. Looks pretty awesome. Nice to see some of the old tyranid figs, and some non stealer, non terminator figs. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks really cool. Great effort to collect all that terrain and host a game like that.

  4. Always like the space hulk styled games. Nothing quite like lots of bugs leaping around corners eating souped up space marines in indestructible armour. Hehehehehe "bugs won" two words I love to hear, even if I sold off all of my bugs.

  5. Looks like a great game! Proper terrain really makes Space Hulk games look a lot better

  6. Wow! What a terrific looking game, takes me back to when Space Hulk first came out as a board game. And so close, what a game! Always does my heart good to see a fighting chaplain. ;)
    Thanks for this great post,