04 March 2015

A weekend in Washington DC

Yes, he is!
The family went down to Washington DC last weekend for official purposes, but we got to enjoy a day on the Mall and visiting some of the excellent Smithsonian Museums (Air and Space, and the History of US), as well as the International Spy Museum which was a lot of fun.  We'll be back in DC for a week in April and look forward to seeing more then!

007's classic Austin Martin from Goldfinger

SS-20 'Saber' ICBM and Pershing II IRBM
Vengeance weapons...the lad is now called V-3!

Classic lines: Albatros D.Va

General Eisenhower's uniform

General Sherman's monument in front of the treasury building


  1. How awesome! and look at all that white stuff...What is it?

  2. Great looking stuff! The Air & Space Museum has been on my must see list for quite a while now. Seems the winter there is much better than here in the cold dark north where it's just raining constantly :)

    1. I dunno - my Finnish classmate says its much worse here than he usually gets at home!

  3. I liked the Smithsonian Museums. Itook a professional interest - British Museum of Natural History/