23 March 2015

Blood Bowl 2 gameplay video

The new Blood bowl 2 on PC is nearly here and this new video (below) shows some amazing gameplay. It is perhaps fortunate for my Uni studies that its not coming out on Mac anytime soon...



  1. No reason for this game to exist. Only problem with the last one was that playing against the AI made you a worse player in real life since it was so bad.

    1. I'm hoping the AI got an overhaul along with the graphics

  2. I'm a bit ranty about this...
    They haven't finished launching all the races for the first version, and suddenly came up with the Khorne thing.
    And now, a second version of the exact same game, and yet again within the 8 (?!?) teams included in the game, they put up an unofficial one ("Bretonnia"....) leaving tons out.

    Of course you don't have to be a wizard to foresee that a few upgrades of the game will surely follow in the next months, selling a handful of "extra" races each time, to keep ppl investing.
    They must have the same business manager of GW...

  3. I don't see how this is an improvement over the previous edition. The interface may look better, but frankly in a game whether you make up to 11 moves x 16 turns, it will get old quickly. Multiply this by a dozen games per league, a dozen leagues per season... it's a lot of time wasted.

    I can only hope the AI is better and the banter is more interesting and varied!